domenica 18 dicembre 2016

Under Loans Control | short film / shortfilms

Short film - Under Loans Control | short film / shortfilms
Remake Version short | youtube, test, experimental - Film (Film)
* I recommend watching only +18 - Thank You
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - it's coffee time !
Insurance, Loans, Mortgage, Attorney, Credit, Lawyer, Donate, Degree, Hosting, Claim, Christmas, Methismacs 2016 / 2017
Under Loans Control | short film / shortfilms
#short film
#Short Film
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martedì 15 novembre 2016

Last Obama Message on #electionnight

The Last Message of #President Obama on #electionnight 2016

The Last Message of #President Obama on #electionnight 2016
President Obama Full Speech on Donald Trump Win after election night
President Obama has extended an invitation to president-elect Donald Trump at the White House | 
President Obama last Full Speech message on Election night 2016 

President Barack Obama delivers statement on 2016 election from The White House Rose Garden. last message election #Election2016 | Good Night.



sabato 5 novembre 2016

-<<<------News from planet youtube indie cinema-->-->>

YouTube is hugely popular, and therefore in huge demand for marketing used in indiefilms. If you are interested in this, there are things you should consider.
Have a good budget for your YouTube Channel page, your movie with subtitles and an AdWords campaigne is a great way to increase subscribers, and views. People love Italian independent cinema (...more when have subtitles). In this italian #comedy story "Grosso Guaio a Roma Sud" will encourage  followers to share the project, from all social network as Facebook and Twitter.
All content on this italian indiefilm should be easy to Like and Share and Subscribe. It should also appear in shortened form on Twitter with a word " #GGARS " on the web. If people are able to share this content with their followers, this production it'll to expand exponentially, and so will spread and diffusion this low budget movie independent but with a taste very very particular.
So, don't hesitate to share links to other sites on all social network friends with YouTube media video. If you come across an article or a video about "Grosso Guaio a Roma Sud" or #ggars  audience will be interested in, think about sharing it and watching.
The competiton in 2016 against other productions on Youtube is very hard, but this guys make really the difference. In this article we cannot talk about the story, film director, casting, actors and other, because all about this project is a secret, and we can only talk about the "rumors" listened, in this strange side of youtube called Youtube Italy...

This strange CountDown video / clue is all for now... 

We are simply trying to get first support about this scoop, that many people on youtube Italy waiting... So, until the first episode, we can only support this info link and purpose the trailer on the official channel [ ] or official Blog
We love all independent try to believe again in Youtube as the better place for purpose original media contents like movie, shortfilm and webserie. This blog is the demostration.

WATCH SHARE LIKE COMMENT is your power! Don't forget this!
Ok, guys stay tune. we'll be rigth back with fresh news about Youtube Post Video World.
#YouTubePostVideo, #YouTube #Video #Popular, YouTube, #YouTube #Post, #Video, #Visual #Art, #Video #Art (Visual Art Form),  #Спасибо всем, Youtube #News, Youtube #Article, #GGARS | (c) 2016 |Film | Film Completo | Grosso | Guaio | Roma | Sud | grossoguaioaromasud |#ggars|"Grosso Guaio a Roma Sud" | cinema | Indipendente |

lunedì 23 maggio 2016

Methismacs test preview on fly

Methismacs soundcheck preview on fly #FreeTimeZone
Two minutes on fly work from my #experimental #film #soundtrack #free #time #zone project #Methismacs ©2016 - Experimental, Film,- #experimentalmusic Film (Film Genre), Film (Media Genre), Contemporary Art, Deejay, Dolby Digital, Live, Methismacs, Music, Post, Popular, YouTubePostVideo, YouTube Post, YouTube Video Popular, YouTube, Video Art, Visual Art, SoundTrack #experimental #film #soundtrack #free #time #zone #Methismacs ©2016 Methismacs Google+Page 

domenica 24 aprile 2016

YouTubePost Video 4 Random Deejay Live Stream Now

 Deejay Live Stream Random Blog Music Now

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BlockNoTest 02 | MethisMacs

BlockNoTest 02 | MethisMacs

Blocknotest 02 | A conceptual sound/vision under the first level of ground. | Experimental Film #MethisMacs | Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Version | AC3 Copy ©2013 Remastered | For cultural purpose only.
#Experimental, Film, Surround, Dolby Digital, #VideoArt (Visual Art Form), YouTube Video Popular, YouTubePostVideo, #Video, SoundTrack, #Methismacs, Music, Contemporary Art, shortfilm, Block No Test, Blocknotest

Golden Age | versione a+b+c con audio

Golden Age | versione a+b+c con audio
| Golden Age un film di Marcello Tedesco. Versione sperimentale a+b+c con audio, realizzata con tre dei video che compongono l' installazione del progetto Golden Age. Editing/post-editing e sound MethisMacs |Golden Age film Marcello Tedesco. a + b + c experimental version with sound, made with three videos that make up the 'Golden Age of the installation project. Editing / post-editing and sound MethisMacs
| #Video Art (Visual Art Form), #ExperimentalFilm, #Contemporary Art, YouTubePostVideo, YouTube Post, #YouTube, #Methismacs, Marcello Tedesco, Golden Age, #art |